Industries COMPUTER

We have been serving the computer industry for more than 50 years. With our expertise and experience, we can produce various decorative or structural parts with different finishes and functionalities The products in this industry include desktop computers, laptop computers, and peripherals, such as servers, speakers, printers, etc.

Personal Electronic Devices

With the popularization of electronic products, there is an increasing demand for high qualtiy personal devices. Allied’s decorating capabilities help companies optimize their branding and differentiate their products from others in the market. Products in this industry include mobile phones, cameras, earphones, tablets and wearable electronic products, neck mounted purifiers and ring scanners.


Allied works with companies to help them elevate the design of their appliances through unique decorative trims or nameplates. Products in this industry include TVs, rice cookers, washing machines, etc.


Our products serve a variety of applications in this industry including automotive interior decoration parts, automotive spearker grills, GPS, automotive decoration strips, nameplates and other related parts.


Medical manufacturers have relied on Allied’s capabilities for their production of high quality medical devices. Applications include: nameplates, membrane switches, and decorative components.


Allied is committed to advancing our capabilities and helping clients in various industries. Some applications include: equipment panels, artistic lighting components, measuring equipment and components, etc